Best Clash of Dreams Mod - Download the unrestricted 2019 Private Server

Clash of Dreams Download the private server
Without doubts Clash of Clans has received many part-time and full-time players and students. One apparent reason is that the game provides an excellent and incomparable strategy in gaming history. The original version of CoC has now modified ideas and resources to open the games experiences. And that means, no age group can resist the enjoyment of the updated gameplay and new buildings. Besides, gamers always dream about having to play without restrictions, and this has become a reality. The article gives an in-depth look at the latest server and highlights how to download Clash of Dreams APK.

What are the Features of Clash of Dreams?

The most significant benefit of playing Clash of Dreams Mod apk is the fact that there is no sync to the servers of the supercell. For that reason, accounts have no restriction of using or getting limitless resources. this private server has features similar to RedZebra games server. Well, the game features various ranges of enhancements unlike what the original apk offered. Here are some of the things to give you reasons for getting this latest Clash of Dreams 2019 APK:

Unlimited Resources

When the Clash of Dreams mod apk gets installed, you start gaming using unlimited gold, and many elixirs. The resources help you to attempt different attack strategies with varying combinations of the troop. Additionally, in case you use everything, you can obtain more again using the /refill command.

Unlimited Gems

The original server game provided a few gems after investing in upgrading your builder, and you remain with nearly no gems later. With Clash of Dreams, you have no worries because you get unlimited gems to maximize your upgrades.

High-Speed Servers

Clash of Dreams has existed for a while with its server undergoing several testing during the development time. Players are sure not to experience many connection time out errors, unlike in other servers. The reason is that the game is hosted and managed in dedicated high-speed and private servers. The platforms can handle every online player at the same time smoothly.

Unlimited Custom Buildings and Heroes

No need to play at a limited base or predefined structures for your army. The custom buildings scored in Clash of Dreams with town hall 12 enable you to modify as you desire for a strong defense. Also, within a click, you have Maxed heroes that could take a long time of hard work.

Building time

Clash of Dreams mod apk has a different building time compared to the original Clash of Clans. In a click, players get to max out the buildings, heroes, troops, and town halls using commands like: 
     /cut for clearing every obstacle.
    /easy for getting a max base.
    /refill for restocking all resources to a maximum level.
    /upgrade for upgrading all current buildings to max levels.
    /th <level&rt; for upgrading the stated town hall levels.

Installation Procedure of Clash of Dreams For Android

The process of installing Clash of Dreams Private Server is quite easy because you do not need any rooted device. But remember to have the gadget running on either Android 4.0.3 or the latest version. You will game without freezes or lags with the newest API 24-25 level and proceed as below:

  1. Enable installation from new sources on the settings section.
  2. Ensure your device has enough storage space then download Clash of Dream APK from this link.
  3. Go to Downloads folder, search for the file named clashofdreams_v4.0 and install. With the enabled options means it operates correctly.
  4. Begin having fun by first running your app without internet then close. Restart it while connected and play.

Downloading Clash of Dreams 2019 APK

Honestly, the internet offers several pros and cons. And that means when downloading your app chances are that you can get redirected to the wrong website that dumps you to a page having fake gems. Following this link brings you a legit version of Clash of Dreams private server file. The server hosting it is secure and tested against threats including DDoS attacks, and Fake accounts. Besides, it is available for free without any in-app purchase requirements. Not only do you enjoy having no worries about money but your gaming is also bug-Free.


Other Alternative Private Servers

Players also enjoy the services of other servers that are performing well like Clash of Dreams Like other Android games, you can play and enjoy Clan of Dreams private server on PC with an appropriate android emulator. Some of the best few suggestions include:

  • Clash of Souls.
  • Clash of Lights.
  • FHX Server.
  • Clash of Magic.
  • Clash of Phoenix.


In conclusion, for any player looking for a wholly excellent and fun opportunity to enjoy wars considering Clash of Dreams game download is an excellent chance. Thankfully, you can learn a lot about the updated coc server not only by knowing what it entails but also by downloading it. Of course, many are globally Installing the app to challenge friends and other players. With Clash of Dreams mod apk you can discover new and different features in the mysterious settings as you exponentially enhance your gaming experience. So, every clasher has a reason to try it and begin having fun without any limits and restrictions. What else could you request for rather than have such a real-time dream?